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Leaders of Atlanta’s Oldest Trade Printing Company

Phil Scott, President

As a young child, Phil helped clean up the family print shop and by age 13 he was helping his father with a variety of duties at Scott Lithographing. During college, he continued working on an old Harris LTV printing press between classes at Georgia Tech—just three miles down the road—learning the trade that would employee him his entire life. After graduation, Phil became the only pressman Scott Lithographing employed for several years. However, he and his brother, Howard, who worked in Prepress never thought printing would be their livelihood.

After the sudden death of their father, Charles, Phil and Howard decided they would continue helping their mother and Uncle Bill operate the print shop until it was time to close it down. That time never came as the two began enjoying the life of printing. Today, Phil understands that there would be no Scott Lithographing today if it weren’t for the original long hours, hard work and little pay from his father and uncle.

Howard Scott, Vice President

Since birth, the importance of family and hard work was instilled in Howard. His mother worked at the hospital every day from 7am to 3pm yet still managed to raise four children. His father worked tirelessly at the printing plant yet never missed a high school football practice or game. Sunday mornings and nights were Church times with the family. For However, these principles continue to guide his every day life.

He began working in the print shop by age 12, but never really considered it work. “We raced around the tables collating and stitching books. I called it work but it was really wasn’t.” When his father suddenly passed during his senior year in high school, Howard decided to stay close to home to attend college. It was a difficult time, and after a few years juggling work and school Howard left school to work full time in the pre-press and camera. “We have seen this business change drastically over the years, yet the basic principles are still the same. Treat people fair and honestly and do your best to produce what they want. We believe that hard work gets results, not free rides and entitlements.”

Chad Scott, Project Supervisor

Working with his father Phil and Uncle Howard, Chad grew up in the printing world. As a child and young adult, he helped in the pressroom, bindery, front office and anywhere else help was needed. After high school, Chad attended Clemson University—one of the top four schools in the nation for the study of printing and Graphic Communications. After graduation in 2004, Chad worked in advertising as a print buyer to gain perspective on what it is like to be a client to a printing company. Since then Chad has served as an Estimator and Project Manager with Scott Lithographing.

Rocky Post, Pressroom Manager

Rocky started his career in the printing industry in 1976 as a pressman running conventional and UV presses ranging from Heidelberg and Komori to Harris and Miller presses. He has more than 25 years experience printing on Plastic substrates and has completed the examination of Advanced Knowledge and Skills for Sheetfed Offset Press Operators. As a GATF Facilitator for training and testing pressman for certification, Rocky has also completed the GATF Color Management, Color Control and Troubleshooting Skills Course. Rocky has served as the Pressroom Manager at Scott Lithographing since 1995 and was Pressroom Facilitator during the ISO 9000 certification.

Todd Kellar, Prepress

Todd began working for an Atlanta based check printer in 1977. After eleven years of press production work, he came on board with Scott Lithographing making the move to the pre-press department. Todd starting out shooting line work and halftones on a Brown camera and stripping film on a light table. He continued to grow with Scott Lithographing as the pre-press technology evolved, first stripping output films from a image setter and then on the computer-to-plate technology that we enjoy today. With more than 30 years experience in the industry, the ever changing digital age continues to provide opportunistic challenges Todd and the entire team enjoys.

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